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FR Brake Pads ReplacementFR Brake Pads Replacement
Caliper GreasingCaliper Greasing
Caliper Pin ReplacementCaliper Pin Replacement
RR Brake Liners ReplacementRR Brake Liners Replacement
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Clutch Plate ReplacementClutch Plate Replacement
Pressure Plate ReplacementPressure Plate Replacement
Air Filter ChangeClutch Bearing ReplacementAir Filter ChangeClutch Bearing Replacement
Clutch masters cylinder replacementClutch masters cylinder replacement
Gear Oil ReplacementGear Oil Replacement
Clutch Oil Top up Clutch Oil Top up
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Strut Replacement (Assembly of multiple parts i.e. Strut, strut kit, strut mount, strut bearing, bump stop etc.)Strut Replacement (Assembly of multiple parts i.e. Strut, strut kit, strut mount, strut bearing, bump stop etc.)
Tie Rod replacement (also known as steering inner ball joints)Tie Rod replacement (also known as steering inner ball joints)
Tie Rod End replacement (also known as steering outer ball joints)Tie Rod End replacement (also known as steering outer ball joints)
Lower Arms replacement (also known as swing arms)Lower Arms replacement (also known as swing arms)
Lower arm ball joint replacementLower arm ball joint replacement
Link Rod replacementLink Rod replacement
Balance Rod bushBalance Rod bush
Wheel Alignment and BalancingWheel Alignment and Balancing


1. When do I need mechanical repair services?

The automobile may need mechanical services soon if they need to travel on bumpy roads or driven by hostile drivers.

2. Changing my timing belt every recommended interval really necessary?

Yes. Timing belt failure can cause severe engine damage in many automobiles. Timing belt replacement is much more expensive than repairing an engine with a broken timing belt.

3. Is payment required before the car service?

No. We strive to keep your Car Service first from booking to delivery. So when your car has been tested and serviced by our technicians, we will give you an invoice.

4. How does Gadi Master differ from other options?

Gadi Master offers the most effective and affordable solutions for vehicles. As a result, you save money as compared to what you would have to pay at other service centers.

5. Is it necessary to change my air filter every couple of months?

The frequency with which you should replace it depends, so you should check it periodically to determine whether it needs to be replaced. It is simple and straightforward to replace a filter.

Benefits of using our services

  • 1
    Genuine/OEM Spare Parts:

    We use the best industry-standard equipment and parts.

  • 2
    Comprehensive Warranty:

    You will receive a warranty on the car's repairs and services.

  • 3
    Luxury Car Service:

    We offer top quality premium auto repair, maintenance service to our wonderful customers.

  • 4
    Multiple Payment Mode:

    Credit and debit cards, Paytm, UPI(Phonepe, Bhim UPI, Google Pay), etc.

  • 5
    Professional Service:

    Our mission is to Provide professional, well-trained, and dedicated assistance with car problems. We provide real-time updates on the status of the car repair service.

  • 6
    Customer Convenience:

    Our free pickup and drop-off service and doorstep car service are available at the customer's convenience.

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