The terms and conditions mentioned here are legally abiding and can form an obligatory deal between the company and its users. By availing our services, you are bound to follow these terms, solidifying a contract based relationship between you and the firm. In case you fail to abide by these regulations, you may be barred from accessing our services. The company makes a request to its gentle users to read the agreement meticulously, going through every minute detail before initiating to make use of our wide range of services.

Do not trivialize these information for it is no alternative to your sole investigation.These terms are an electronic record assembled under the Indian Contract Act of 1872, the IT(Information Technology) Act 2000, the rules formed are pertaining to amendment as amended by the Information Act. MyGadiMaster is the sole authority who has the right for altering these amendments to be in accordance with the various rules and legal framework governing our system. The company will publish these amended records at its website domain mygadimaster.com. If you continue to avail our services after the publishing of the amended articles, it will be considered that you have read and accepted the revised Terms and Conditions.


You hereby agree that you are eighteen(18) and fully abide by the terms and are able to follow the terms, conditions, representations, laws, mandatory rules and affirmations and warranties put forth by these conditions and thus act in consonance with the Terms.

When you access and utilize these services, you inevitably come under the scrutiny of the legal establishment of our country and thereby have to follow the rules prescribed by our nation. If you are availing our services representing a company, you agree to follow the rules on behalf of the company for that matter.


The services include a technology domain that allows its users to schedule or arrange for the repair of your car with independent third party contractors. Once you send a request, we will provide you with a list of third party service lenders we have, here at our company with ample information about their previous work experience. Maintenance services are also at your disposal other than repair activities.

You comprehend that the company does not offer services from a third party provider who is not an employee of this firm. We strictly follow our code of ethics.

You acknowledge that the cost of our services is calculated in line with the proximity and your request.

Forbidden usage of platform

Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in unwanted trading of information and is debarred from carrying out any illegal activity within the platform that can tamper with the terms of our company. They should not violate the integrity and security of our company that is against the provision of the services we offer. The illegal practices can include providing any false information to the company on the request application, initiating any unsolicited communication with other users via the platform, using tools such as robots, avatars or any AI (Artificial Intelligence agent) at the domain of MyGadiMaster.

We may disclose some user generated information to governmental authorities as applicable by law. You hereby nod to such transfer from us. We may transfer any sensitive personal information to a person or a company in another country that adheres to the same level of data protection. Such transfer is required for the execution of a lawful contact between the company and its users.


The company promises to deliver ample support through an email and phone call based system as well as provide a group of FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) to clear all the common queries based on analysis.

The company shall address the complainant’s issue at the earliest upon receiving the request during the business days. Any suggestions put forth by the Company concerned with the use of the Service shall not be at any cost deemed as a warranty.

User Comments/ Feedbacks or other Submissions

All feedback,suggestions and reviews once submitted to the company shall remain as the company’s property. MyGadiMaster will own exclusive rights, titles and preferences of i shall not be thwarted in any manner. We may terminate the use of your services if you fail to comply with these rules. Plus, any violation made with regard to the company’s policies will be mooted and you shall be bound to compensate for the losses initiated by you. In case any such unfortunate situation occurs, the company has every prerogative to file a lawsuit for defamation and go for court proceedings against you for violating rules put forth on the Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual property rights

The platform is a brainchild of the company. If you get access to MyGadi master website, you are under a license. All graphics, texts, images and domain names, patents are the property company alone. Third party trademarks and brand identities belong to whoever owns it. The platform is strictly designed for personal use unless and until there is a provision for combination. You acknowledge that your use of the platform does not grant you the right to claim the content on the platform. At its sole discretion, the company owns the right to modify the content anytime as required.

We also reserve the right to terminate or cancel the services on the website if at all the need arises. It can be a bug or a technical glitch that prompts us to suspend the platform to rectify the error.


You are bound to act in consonance with the Terms and the company grants you a non exclusive, able to be revoked license under certain conditions. The license can be transferred on due demand and it provides access to its users for availing services wholly in connection with your use of services and also content and information viewing is additionally made with regard to your service utility.

You will not create derivative works or any subsidiary work by modifying the content on our platform. The rights and interests of the platform are therein vested with the company.


We do not vouch for the information put on our website. Our company does not guarantee that the results can always be reliable and exact. Except when otherwise specified by the Company, you agree that all items and services transferred to you via the service channel are given as  “as is” and “as available”, without any warranties or conditions of any sort. While we work to the best of our efforts to create a safe and secure platform for you all, it does not mean all the information access will be smooth, errorless, without any pause or intervention by unauthorized users. However, we ensure that the data is protected at every cost.

The company shall not in any manner be liable to cough up the lost money for its users. In case any such damage occurs, it is beyond the jurisdiction of the company and its potential policies.

Exemptions to liability of company

Users further acknowledge that the company shall not be taking responsibility for unavailability of services or a delay in the service rendering. In addition, users agree that the company shall be faithful in providing assistance to any client whatsoever and is liable to cooperate in times of crisis, such as a theft or accident within the premises of the service partners of the company. 


You accept and conform to the fact that billing of any services will also require a due amount to be paid to third party service providers employed by the company. The company shall with every regard facilitate the payment of your pertinent charges rightly after you have received services through your use of the service on our platform. The chargers are subjected to change as per the scrutiny of third party service providers and new requests. You hereby acknowledge that the company can authorize the payment of applicable charges through such channels the firm may exercise.

In case if a default in the payment occurs and the defaulter has not paid the amount in full 90 days after receiving services, the company shall be coaxed to recover the money by putting up your vehicle for purchase.

General provisions

Waiver: If in any manner the company fails to exercise any provision on the Terms and Conditions, it shall not account for a waiver.

The company provides these terms just so you would acknowledge and comply with the rules governing the same.

Severability: If at all,any provisions listed above are found aberrant or against the rule of law, all the remaining provisions will be in effect whatsoever unless that would place a contradiction to a clear provision.


The company reserves the right to suspend or block your account in case caught on the breach of the Terms of MyGadiMaster, its policy, law or contract.

Contacting us

You accept that we may get in touch with you through any mode  of communication for receiving feedback with regard to the services on your platform. In addition to that, we may contact you for resolving any complaints, information, or queries by other users regarding your critical Content.

You agree to provide your best cooperation in communicating with us.