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Why Choose us for Car Battery Services?

If you want a new battery installed, terminals cleaned or battery tested, My GadiMaster has the car battery services that will keep your vehicle's starting system functioning properly.
  • 1
    Genuine/OEM Spare Parts:

    We use the best industry-standard equipment and parts.

  • 2
    Comprehensive Warranty:

    You will receive a warranty on the car's repairs and services.

  • 3
    Hassle Free Battery Service

    We offer Safe and Zero Contact Battery Fitment Service.

  • 4
    Multiple Payment Mode:

    Credit and debit cards, Paytm, UPI(Phonepe, Bhim UPI, Google Pay), etc.

  • 5
    Professional Service:

    Our mission is to Provide professional, well-trained, and dedicated assistance with car problems. We provide real-time updates on the status of the car repair service.

  • 6
    Customer Convenience:

    Our free pickup and drop-off service and doorstep car service are available at the customer's convenience.

Common Battery Problems

  • 1
    Alternator problems:

    Alternator problems are not typically something you can fix yourself unless you're a seasoned enthusiast or trained mechanic.

  • 2
    Low Battery Fluid Level:

    It's time to test the battery and charging system if the fluids level is lower than the energy conductors (lead plates).

  • 3
    Swelling, Bloating Battery Case:

    In this case, your battery case is swollen due to excessive heat, resulting in decreased battery life.

  • 4
    Problems with starting:

    Small problems such as burned fuses in an ignition circuit can cause a car to malfunction.

  • 5
    Problems with self-starting:

    Inability to deliver the required current for starting a car is the primary symptom of a failed battery.

  • 6
    Battery Leak:

    There may also be corrosion on the connection cables. Your car may not start if the gunk is not removed.

  • 7
    Accessory malfunctions:

    Accessory malfunctions: Accessory failures are usually due to loose connections since they are often retrofitted. You can check your accessories at any Gadi Master workshop in Pune.


1. How long does a car battery last on average?

You can expect a car battery to last anywhere between four and six years. Depending on your driving habits and the type of vehicle, the battery’s lifespan can be affected by weather conditions, the type of vehicle, and other factors.

2. What services are provided for batteries?

The following car battery services are typically provided: Inspecting batteries, terminals, and battery cables, cleaning the battery terminals and surface. You can have your battery replaced at Gadi Master if it starts malfunctioning.

3. When should I replace my battery?

A good rule of thumb is to have your battery replaced every 4 to 5 years. However, battery life can vary significantly, so you need to take other battery factors.

4. What's the right time to test or service my battery?

Battery inspections are generally recommended twice a year (every six months or 6,000 miles).

5. What are the Payments options available?

Gadi Master accepts cash, credit and debit cards, Paytm, UPI(Phonepe, Bhim UPI, Google Pay), etc.

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