At Gadi Masters when you apply for a regular warranty, any parts that are replaced by us will be taken care of if they show any issues. Our regular warranty consists of written documentation which will state that any faults in your car after service will be covered under our terms and conditions. Hence you need to read it carefully.

Types of warranties that are available today

1. New car warranty

This warranty directly comes from the manufacturers. The warranty lasts for 1 to 3 years

2. Used car warranty

This warranty comes from car workshops that sell Premium used cars. Hence you must purchase a second-hand car from a reliable dealer so that trust and quality are maintained

3. Extended warranty

This warranty can be offered by party vendors, car dealers, or manufacturers. They usually come as a top-up with your original warranty so that you get an extenuated coverage

Some of the issues faced on warranty claims

You need to understand your warranty claims when you buy a car. Read the documentation very carefully. See if the fix is offered by the manufacturer, car dealer, or a third-party vendor.

If the warranty is offered by the car dealer, reach out to the dealer and they will get your work done.